16a de junio 1928/16 June 1928

Minutes of the Meeting of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Esperanto Federation

16 June 1928 at Penarth

22 members present

S-ro L Evans in the Chair

  1.  Minutes of last meeting read and confirmed.
  2. Secretary reported the number of members as 61 and asked group secs. to always send names and addresses with the subs of new members, so that he may have a full record
  3. Welsh Key.  S-ro H Jones  (Swansea) reported on behalf of the revision committee that the work was proceeding though under difficulties. They could not meet but only correspond.  So far as he was aware, Prof Harris and F-ino Morgan had the matter well in hand.  S-ro L Evans reported that Mr Griffiths has a large number of the old key on hand and suggested that we should try to sell these first before reprinting.  The Hon. Sec. was asked to write to Mr Griffiths and Jack Edwards (Aberystwyth) to ascertain if they would let us have any copies and on what terms.
  4. Treasurer reported balance £3-3-9 in hand[i].  The subscription rate was discussed at length and is was decided not to change it from the present figures of 1/- per year per member[ii], except members of groups who are to pay 6 pence only per year each[iii].
  5. Barry Group secretary reported average attendance of ten during the winter.  Blackwood reported average of six.  Swansea reported regular group meetings at which interest had been stimulated by the presence for a time of a Spaniard and a Japanese.
  6. Vice-Presidents.  The Hon Sec drew attention to the fact that we had only three, though five were permitted by the decision of an earlier meeting.  It was thereupon proposed and confirmed that Prof. Harris (Lampeter) and S-ro James (Blackwood) be elected vice-presidents.
  7. Books in possession of Mrs R T Evans – F-ino Baldwin-~Smith reported seeking information about these books but unsuccessfully and the Hon Sec was asked to see Mrs Evans in the matter.
  8. Place of next conference.  An invitation was received from S-ro L Evans and Miss Morgan to hold this at Merthyr, which was gratefully agreed to by all present, the date to be 2nd Sept or thereabouts.
  9. Propaganda: several suggestions were considered, namely that 2 or 3 members volunteer to act as lecturers on Esperanto when an opening can be found; that a petition be organised locally to the BBC t permit a regular Esperanto item in the broadcast from Cardiff; that the holiday resorts of Wales be asked to cooperate in the production of a guide book or leaflet advertising Wales as a holiday centre.
  10. Lecturers. It is recorded that the following have kindly consented to act, on the understanding that the society or body being addressed pays travelling expenses (if any): F-ino Wallis on “The commercial value of Esperanto”; F-ino E B Smith on “Esperanto and its development”; F-ino Morgan on “How Esperanto can help Welsh to survive”.
  11. A prize was kindly offered by F-ino James (Cardiff) of 10/-[iv] for the best 5-minute speech in Esperanto at any subsequent conference.


[i] Three pounds, three shillings and ninepence.  Estimated at around £140 in today’s prices.

[ii] 1/- is one shilling.  Estimated at around £10 using average earning comparisons with 2010.

[iii] Equivalent to around £5 today.

[iv] Equivalent to around £20 today.



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