Kunveno: septembro 1928/Meeting: September 1928

Minutes of the Meeting of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Esperanto Federation

September 1928 at Merthyr

  1.  The principal points in the minutes of the preceding conference were outlined by the Hon Sec as it was felt that it was not necessary to read all the minutes at each conference.  Members had expressed the view that less time should be devoted to routing matters and more to social intercourse.
  2. Pastro Harris sent a letter which was read. He regretted inability to attend our meetings but promised to come whenever we meet in Swansea.
  3. Books of Mr R T Evans. The Hon Sec expressed regret that he had not had time to see Mrs Evans yet but would try to do so soon.
  4. Group reports:
    Blackwood sec mentioned that a class may sometimes be advertised cheaply by supplying a plate (costing about 8 pence) to a cinema. It was further suggested that a fee, however small, ought to be charged at all classes, instead of giving the instruction gratis, which is often not so much appreciated.
    Barry: reported 24 on register, 27 affiliated to the Federation; 18 affiliated to BEA[i]; total 69.  The charge is 1/- on joining, of which -/6 goes to BEA and -/6 to the Federation followed by a fee of 3 pence per member per attendance. Miss B Smith complained of a shortage of members capable of teaching Esperanto.
  5. Welsh Key.  On behalf of the revision committee, S-ro R Jones (Swansea) reported receipt of the draft from Pastro Harris and the key is now ready to be printed.  Miss Morgan asked us to proceed with the printing: she said she had seen the draft, which had entailed a great deal of work by people already fully occupied, and it was excellent, containing many alterations and improvements.  Proposed by F-ino E B Smith and seconded by S-ro Oswald Jones and passed that the matter be proceeded with: the Hon Sec to write to the BEA re the raising of funds and obtaining tenders.  It was also suggested that the names of compiler (Griffiths) and reviser (Harris) be inserted in the new ‘key’.
  6. Place of next conference: an invitation by the local group to meet at Barry on 15 December was gratefully accepted.  It was decided that future meetings should always take place (if possible) on the third Saturday in the last month of the quarter and that a fixed fee be announced as payable by all those who attend the tea at such gatherings, the amount to be settled by the organisers after enquiry so as to guard against anyone being out of pocket owing to the collection which we have hitherto taken proving insufficient in any case.

 Newspaper cutting  about meeting

[i] British Esperanto Association



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